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The digital world is developing faster than ever and we are invited to keep up with all the changes and improvements. We should pick up the pace and be prepared to address the needs of the markets, of our collaborators and most importantly, of our customers.
Not only that we have to sell more, but we have to sell faster and better. One very important aspect, one of the most important to use is, selling what is needed. It is built into our core, to only sell something that would help the client scale their business.

Nowadays, one of the major challenges we all face is keeping up with the NEW. There is always an improved or enhanced version of something and in order to be among the best on the market, we need to be up to date at all times. Moreover, if we are new on the market, we face the enthusiasm of doing a bit of everything at the same time. Eventually, this will keep us in the starting mode and far from the right exposure. The missing ingredient for a start-up success is the lack of appropriate guidance.

How do we know how to keep up the right pace while developing a successful business and minimizing the impact on our commitments and working resources? The answer is simple: we can, if we engage the appropriate stakeholders and start collaborating with people who can help us address the new challenges.

Regardless if you are a start-up or an experienced organisation, your internal processes need your continuous involvement and commitment. Over the years we have discovered a process that we’ve implemented on many businesses successfully. It includes

1. Business strategy

Change is inevitable for any business or organisation, regardless of its size and objectives. Organisations ought to learn how to navigate these changes with minimum impact and maximum effects. Sometimes, it’s imperative to reinvent your structure and processes in order to survive. Other times, you have to improve your strategies and structures to be able to stand out from the crowd and evolve. These strategic initiatives are mainly enhanced by a suitable business analysis, which should play a vital role in every organisation.

It’s essential that an organisation understands its place in the market, especially compared to competitors. Next step is to address the vision and establish measurable objectives and clear goals for all your projects. You need to start selling your products and services to the right people, using the right resources and tools. Another crucial factor which determines the success of a project is the stakeholders’ communication management. You need to be able to translate your customers business requirements so that your development teams are able to achieve the expected results.

An efficient strategy will always be determined by an accurate analysis of the factors such as environmental, social, political and technological. You need to learn how to adjust to changing factors without losing the big picture and altering the organisation’s vision.

OptimizedIT aims to build the best product/service strategy according to your main requirements while creating a friendly environmental solution.

2. Project management

The truth is, running projects without good project management is a false economy. “Ben Aston – The Digital Project Manager” There are various reasons why each organisation should benefit from a project management strategy and support, from assuring high-quality project deliverables to managing the budget. Each one of us was exposed at least once during our professional experience to facing project development challenges due to various causes we couldn’t manage. The key element is not to avoid unpleasant surprises as we couldn’t possibly control everything. However, it’s essential to understand that managing the unexpected is a matter of success versus failure.

A healthy organisation will always place the project management role on a high scale and will ensure that the project managers team will receive all the important assets to perform their job successfully. Let’s call the project management mission to be a way of balancing all resources towards achieving the organisation’s most important goal while keeping an eye on its business strategy and vision.

89% of high performing organisations include a project manager and in OptimizedIT we include this role in all our services as we find it imperative to help our customer achieve their business objectives.

3. Success guidelines development

We’ve already shared thoughts about strategies, business analysis and project management. We have agreed that we need those essential attributes in order to succeed. And then we become successful. We start working on great projects, grow our business and profits, bring new customers and increase our income. How do we maintain ourselves successfully? One answer would be: By preserving the lifecycle of process management. By following the same recipe with new ingredients each time – always upgrade, always keep up with the flow of changes. By managing the resources and processes in such a way that provides continuous reliability.

This is OptimizedIT’s key mission, to become your appropriate partners and help you build your online presence or improve it in order to gain exposure and bring new clients and income. With this in mind, our company aims to develop the best work process that will enable your company to sell faster and better. Read more about our services here

Article written by Diana Popescu - Project Engineering and Corina Cernaianu - Project Manager
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