Business Analysis – From a nice to have approach to a must-have process

Key factor in determining the optimum business strategy and model Business analysis can be one of the most important activities one performs when it comes to his/her business and one that is demanding itself, regardless of the business core activity. Each business which wants to evolve and stay on track has to learn dealing with […]

Q&A Series: How to build a successful mindset and generate long-term impact ?

Questions & Answers with Corina Cernaianu optimized it Project Manager In today Q&A session, you will explore a specialist thoughts and ideas about:  How one can develop a project management mindset A project management tool vs a project manager Impact of project management on business development  Implementing the “big picture ”vision  Great ideas on how […]

Q&A Series: How to become successful in the digital environment?

Questions & Answers with Diana Popescu optimized it Project Engineer In today Q&A session, you will explore a specialist thoughts and ideas about: digital experience website development and management project management how to build a successful business model that will sell more and more and bring you the success you are looking for  in the […]

To be or not to be…Online

One of the things that most of us realised when we entered the global pandemic, and its restrictions, is that it’s such a good thing that we can be and work online. We have the possibility to benefit from the digital transformation and go virtual, work online, present online, do events with a virtual setup, […]

The Famous Big Picture

It’s more than obvious that most of us have encountered along our professional path the famous expression: the big picture. Some of us proudly claim that we apply the big picture approach in our day to day work and that this approach helped us successfully develop and achieve our goals. Which is great!  However, the […]

Project Management – a matter of success versus failure

In 2021, it’s essential to understand that managing the unexpected is a matter of success versus failure. We are all trained to manage the expected. We look at the business goals; we define the objectives; we see the hazards and the potential consequences of both the positive and the negative. We analyse the risks, and we […]

Website Development – The story behind the scenes

When we talk about a customer’s digital journey, we feel like almost everything can be easy as we are surrounded by digital technology. Everything is up and running on our screens; we are frequently one click away from our needs and desires. However, do we understand what lies behind the principles, processes and standards of […]

A health mixture of passion, technology, and simplicity

The digital world is developing faster than ever and we are invited to keep up with all the changes and improvements. We should pick up the pace and be prepared to address the needs of the markets, of our collaborators and most importantly, of our customers. Not only that we have to sell more, but […]