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Web design solutions to help grow your business

Optimized IT is a one stop shop for your online business needs.

We have been helping London businesses show up more powerfully online for more than 5 years. 

The entire Optimized IT team is results driven, hence why every strategy will be focused on the objective. Our mission is to make sure that you succeed. We take the information that you give us and turn it into a full featured website, a powerful authentic brand. No one knows your business like you do, so communication is key in the scoping process. We make it easy for you to have an online presence and we teach you how to use the online tools which will help you get more business.

Branding. Logo. Strong Impression. Perception. VIDEO.

Optimized IT is a one stop shop for your online business needs.

Our team will help you start out from the crowd by building a native and original brand for your business. 

Optimized IT team uses a comprehensive approach to 360-degree branding, combining brand identity, packing graphic design, 3D structural design and even more into a complete branding system based on your user experience. 

We partner with an award winning video production team that will tell the stories behind what you do. They will craft the right story for your business that will build connection and inspire action. 


Marketing and Advertising with a Complete Solution from Optimized IT

Communication is the key to success.

We don’t just build functional and beautiful websites, we offer brand management services, e-marketing, and strategic planning.

Advertising online is becoming increasingly competitive, but there are still ways of standing out from the crowd. We use Google Adwords to give your site exposure, and can design a advertising campaign that will bring the right visitors to your website, the ones that are interested in your services. For a small setup fee and a small campaign management fee we can get people to your website, whilst you wait on your search engine results to take place, or can also use the google adwords advertising to complement your current search engine results.

Our Process Explained

A look at our lifecycle flow to help you develop
better products and services.

Gathering Requirements

We spend the time to understand your market, your services and gather the right amount of information to avoid scope creep, which is one of the biggest issues these days. This stage is the discovery and researching stage wich will determine how the subsequent stages will look like. We get a clear understanding of your website purposes, the mission and vision as well as the target audience you need.

Sketching and designing

After gathering all the information, we will start mapping your website. The sitemap will describe the relations between the main pages of your website and allows us to understand the inner structure of your website. Then we build the wireframe (mock-up) which describes the elements that will be added to the page and their location.
We then take the wireframe and design your website pages.

Building and Analyzing

Graphic elements that have been designed during the previous process will be used on the website. We start with the homepage then all other pages are added. Frameworks and CMS will be implemented and all static web page elements and layouts will be created and special features and interactivity will be added to your website. (if it was one of the requirements) We then test everything and deploy.

We focus on getting you the results your business deserves