Website Development – The story behind the scenes

When we talk about a customer’s digital journey, we feel like almost everything can be easy as we are surrounded by digital technology. Everything is up and running on our screens; we are frequently one click away from our needs and desires. However, do we understand what lies behind the principles, processes and standards of the digital world? Moreover, do we know the importance of building the full journey, which makes our customer’s digital experience complete?

Let’s talk, for example, about the digital customer experience that one customer could have on one of our e-commerce websites.

The first thought would cross our mind: They should have a great UX experience, followed by an easy selling process.

True: Positive emotions are generated when we see a friendly environment, and our satisfaction level would be achieved when the experience is seamless. We should focus on achieving the end goal, which is buying the result through our product/service.

Is it enough? A good website has a robust, responsive design, but the design is not everything we need to build a comprehensive and successful website. There are many elements we should take into consideration when we are building our business website. In today’s article, we would like to highlight some crucial aspects that most non-technical people face regarding website development. We wrote this article for all of you, non-technical people looking for a guide before building your website, which would enable you to build a strong website that will support your business needs.

Your website’s platform - Choose the most suitable instead of the nicest.

There are various ways to build a website. We’ve all been hearing the hype lately about low-code and no-code platforms. The best way for you will always be to focus on the results you would like to achieve correlated with your available budget and the timescale. For example, if you want a website as soon as possible, easy to build, or just a content update, Simple Website Hosting is the best solution. There is no need to use a complex platform for a simple website build. The same platform would also work for more complex websites, but on those occasions, we would be combining ACF(Advance Custom Field) and Elementor. According to Gartner, 65% of application development will be low code by 2024.

Following your platform’s choice, you need to select the right provider to help you build your website. The external face of a website and design are built on a structure that will shape the digital customer experience. Make sure you ask your partner (creative and development) to share previous work and make sure they understand your business and your customer needs. Building a good looking website will never bring the conversion you expect unless it ‘sells’ precisely what your customer wants to buy.

A great website is a secured website - keep investing in your business safety.

Only selling is not enough.

You need to run your business in a safe environment and protect your customer’s purchasing experience. Regardless of the platform you use, updating your website and keeping it protected is 100% mandatory and necessary. You must continuously invest in the safety of your business and of your customers.

You can’t just leave your website to work on its own.

Although it might do a good job, it needs protection from potential threats and hackers. Sadly there are plenty out there. There are a series of processes that need to be followed in order to maintain the security of your website, such as:

  • WordPress theme and plugin updates
  • Multiple backups daily
  • Website security
  • Secure passwords
  • Content Security Policy (CSP)
  • SSL certificates
  • Secure DNS

These above processes seem logical and straightforward at first glance; however, when you focus on your business’s strategic aspects, it’s better to let a trusted partner to handle this part of the business on your behalf and have no such concerns.

We offer you a complete web development solution in order to deliver the most appropriate and secure website for your business. Think of it this way: It takes time and effort to learn the platform and do it yourself. Would you allocate time to learning a new platform or scaling your business? Obviously, you would choose to focus on what makes you happy while we do the same.

Building your website is an on-going process

Your website is not just a layout on a platform with some digital processes behind. It’s a living structure that should be part of a development life cycle. It should evolve and adapt. Apart from regular updates, content changes and product/service development, you should keep it alive.

We can say it could always have the subtitle: Under construction.

And this is not an unfinished task hanging around your business targets but a life cycle development process that will enable your business to scale.

When your business goals change, your website needs to readjust.

When your brand evolves, your website must keep the velocity.

When your business grows, your website should reinforce it.

Your website is your business card and needs to be the most updated version of your main activities. Don’t let day to day tasks make you fall behind with keeping your website up and running.

Our solutions are focused on helping you design, create, deliver and maintain the most suitable website that your business needs in order to prosper and grow. We know the answers to both technical and non-technical questions. We would help you choose your domain, select the right messaging for your business (through our creative partners), then build your online presence. We all focus on your development, and we all use the skills we have to create a seamless experience for your customers. Find out more about how we can support your business.

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Article written by Corina Cernaianu - Project Manager and Diana Popescu - Project Engineering
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